Ethical Manifesto

People First, Creativity Second, Profit Third

In a world where human rights and personal freedom can quickly diminish,
I believe it’s important to speak out about what you think is right.

I believe that businesses have an obligation and a unique opportunity to be a powerful lever of change in the world. We can use traditional and contemporary business tools to drive systemic progressive social change by advancing the strategies of the larger movements that deal with those issues, such as climate justice and social equity. I believe that commercial organizations have an ethical responsibility to their employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which we work.


I have developed this manifesto to ensure that I;

  • operate my business ethically and responsibly

  • treat everyone with respect and dignity

  • maintain fair and positive working-practices, and;

  • embrace diversity



I believe that all people have the right to work and shall not be discriminated against by their origins, beliefs, sexuality, gender identity and culture. I respect the opinions, values, and traditions of others.


I believe that diversity brings innovation, contribution and a range of experience. I believe that uniting both the young and the old is important to nurturing the growth of individuals.


I invest in positive and enduring relationships with clients, partners and suppliers that positively support my Ethical Manifesto. We grow together.

Working Practices

I embrace industry good practice and perform my duties and responsibilities with integrity and professionalism. We are responsible for our own behaviour and need to be honest, open, and trustworthy. We need to be fair and equitable in our treatment of others.

Personal freedom

I promote democratic principles, good citizenship, and the standards set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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