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Planet Ohm is a playground for exploring, learning and sharing. You can find all kinds of facts, tips and tricks, recipes and tutorials in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda, Healthy Food, Ecology and Permaculture. Our aim is to encourage each other in adopting a healthy lifestyle. A kind of living that’s sustainable for ourselves and for the planet. Less stress, more happiness! We all want that in life, no?

PLANET OHM is all about making connection and putting ourselves in the bigger perspective.  ‘OHM’ or ‘OM’  is ‘the universal sound’ or mantra which connects all beings and is traditionally chanted by yogi practitioners.

OHM as such is also the unite for ‘resistance’ in physics. The great challenge that stands in front of us, I believe, is to overcome the resistance we all have for true growth as human sensible beings and to step out of our comfortzone to work for things that really matter in life. Not simply striving for material comfort, but cultivating happiness as the main purpose of life. That is the challenge for every person as for our whole generation. Together we can overcome this challenge, by sharing as much valuable information as possible, showing that there is a way for a bright and peaceful future.

So you think, so you become.

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