The Da Vinci Effect (VRT)

Experience what it takes to be a real hero and join a historical Virtual Reality quest 

Coming soon at JEF festival 2021, BUFF Filmfestival 2021 & Animafest Zagreb 2021

Experience the good, the bad, the mishaps, the lucky shots, and encounters that shape a real hero. Become immersed in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and face his challenges to complete the quest.

The Da Vinci Effect is a multi user room VR experience that is being created as part of the REAL HEROES project, funded by Creative Europe. It aims to immerse youngsters in science, art and society with an interactive story around Leonardo da Vinci. The partners within the project are the Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting organisation (VRT), Digi.Ba and WeMakeVR.


Real Heroes aims to realise a mixed reality experience for youngsters to immerse them in science, art and society. The project will create an interactive and immersive story around the hero Leonardo Da Vinci via a multi user room VR experience. Via this platform, youngsters will be able to experience what it takes to be a hero by facing the same challenges. As such, the immersive experience of Real Heroes aims to engage youngsters in European history by focusing on stories of real heroes and inspire them to follow their own path in education and career.

Digi.Ba, WeMakeVR, VRT

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